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Top 7 Work From Home Accessories and Productivity Gadgets For 2021

by Sarah Fisher

If you’ve just been compelled to operate from home for the first time, you’re probably learning that there are many benefits and drawbacks to doing so. More time with family is undoubtedly beneficial, but a lack of routine can make things more difficult.

However, several people are unaware of one significant benefit: they may leverage their newfound flexibility to build a more perfect workflow. Since you’re living in your own space and won’t be bumping heads with anybody, it’s up to you to figure out how you want to plan your day and what efficiency tools will help you get more accomplished.

And this is important, since the right collaboration tools will enhance your workflow and even automate some facets of your to-do list. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

The Right Keyboard

A good keyboard will make a big difference with how productive you are. If you do it correctly, it should be comfortable and simple to type on for long periods of time while still allowing you to use macros. Macros enable you to easily open applications and execute other tasks with only a few keystrokes, which will save you a lot of time in the long run.


Multi Monitor or Ultrawide Monitor Array 

I’m not sure where I saw that, but I once read that an ultrawide display could boost efficiency by 30%! Sure, it sounds like nonsense, but I can attest to the fact that seeing a larger screen has greatly increased my productivity. When I need more than one source to write from, or when I’m uploading videos and want to see more of my timeline, using more room to organize windows is ideal.

To be frank, I’m so used to operating on my LG Ultrawide that switching back to my usual 15″ laptop makes me feel claustrophobic! For several users, this is definitely one of the most highly recommended efficiency devices.


Headphones With Noise-Cancellations

For certain individuals, the ability to listen to their own music while functioning is a game-changer. Furthermore, this is an excellent way to block out noise and remain concentrating on your job. High-quality headphones will help you get into the zone even faster and are a must-have for efficiency! Check out the Sound Guys’ perfect noise-canceling headphones guide!



Nothing on this list is needed, but a smartwatch can be incredibly useful for transferring messages from your phone to your wrist. That way, you can easily determine if a request is urgent and must be responded to right away without interrupting your workflow.

The best Smartwatch can even do a lot more, such as keeping track of your to-do list on your wrist or setting reminders. Many people may not consider them to be efficiency tools, but they can easily be integrated into a great workflow.


Mini Laptop

For certain people, this could be a luxury, and I’m not saying that having a second computer (or a third, if you like the tablet idea!) is essential. Using a very compact laptop, on the other hand, has proven to be immensely beneficial to me. To begin with, it functions like a smaller splinter device that I can carry with me when I go out (which I hope to do again someday).

At the same time, it ensures I can type quickly in other circumstances, such as when I’m relaxing on the sofa in the evening and don’t want to be completely absorbed in a big-screen encounter.

This is ideal for taking notes, jotting down thoughts, and responding to urgent emails. It’s so compact that I can take it into the kitchen with me and it takes up no counter room. I use an old 7″ laptop called a GPD Pocket. The GPD Pocket 2 and the GPD P2 Max, which are much bigger, have also substituted it. A Surface Go is also a good option, particularly because it can be used as a tablet as well.


A Tablet

A tablet will help you be more productive by allowing you to function in an upright position. That means checking addresses, chatting on Slack, and browsing Asana while relaxing on the sofa with a cup of coffee. While I’m making said coffee, I can also check a few items. It often entails being able to draw out thumbnail thoughts in the evenings without feeling like you’re working.

A tablet can also be used as a second screen for answering emails when you’re at work, giving you more screen real estate to work with. Tablets are, of course, more restricted in their capabilities than laptops, but it is precisely this form factor that renders them so usable and suitable for some forms of work (predominantly media consumption).

Then there are all the other options, such as extending your display with a phone!

The iPad Mini 5 is my personal efficiency tablet of convenience. I like how big it is, how powerful it is for the price, and how useful the stylus is for design work. 


Digital Assistant

The majority of digital assistants are seen in the kitchen as glorified egg timers. Although that is a valid use-case, I really believe that an Echo Show or a Google Home will act as a useful “JARVIS” for your home office.

This is a fast way to get things from the internet without needing to Google it, as well as scheduling reminders to answer emails (which lets you work on other activities without forgetting), contributing to your to-do list, and even make quick calls in certain situations.


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