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Could AI Really Bring Skynet From Terminator To Life?

by Teddy Barnes
Could AI Bring Terminator To Life

Are we saying that in the same way that Skynet in the Terminator movie did, robots will revolt against us and attempt to exterminate us? Or is it just a myth—is artificial intelligence actually anything to fear?

Artificial intelligence features in a great many science fiction movies and novels as a threat to mankind, and the Terminator is one of those stories that portrays a devastating view of artificial intelligence.

An significant theme in the film is that in 1984, director James Cameron introduced to the big screen a film about a computer program (called Skynet) that’s designed to kill humanity.

Skynet is the artificial intelligence in the movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger who leads the army of machines that has the task of annihilating mankind and erasing it from the face of the Earth. When it understands itself, it assumes possession of the U.S. military’s arsenal, with no human intervention.

The fact is that for decades the cinema has been depicting computer systems with super-human intelligence that can relate to and support humans while also devising schemes to eradicate them.

Such fictional examples are The Matrix and Terminator, released in 1999. In both films, artificial intelligence gains self-awareness, declares war on mankind, and ultimately destroys its makers. In the course of making this final feature film, we are once again shown an artificial world built to govern mankind.

But Do We Really Need To Fear Artificial Intelligence?

Leonardo Da Vinci’s automata have been around for decades, dating back to the 16th century when Verne wrote about a submarine, airplane, and dirigible; although Jules Verne was hardly elated to admit to “having written about the automobile, the submarine, and airship, before that they were scientific realities,” Philosopher/ science fiction author Hugo Gernsback (1884-1967) noted that when he addressed these topics in his novels, they were already half-invented.

The field of science hasn’t progressed at the same pace as society as a whole for decades, and as a result many people feel that new frontiers of understanding and innovation are still possible.

In addition, a perfect example of a revolutionary geek is Nikola Tesla, who is considered the father of modernity and the greatest geek of all time.

during an interview, he confidently predicted that: “When the wireless technique is perfectly applied, the entire world will become one big brain — in fact, it is — and all objects will be particles of a genuine whole.

This discussion will continue until there is a clear picture of what our relationship will be with each technological advancement.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, has recently warned of a potential future negative position for artificial intelligence.

The prospect of the collapse of humanity by artificial intelligence is very real. Artificial Intelligence continues to be overlooked by people because they believe it is the equivalent of an intelligent human being. Although it will be just a tiny fraction of that, it will still be much more than what you expect. Musk said at the AI World Conference in Shanghai, China, in 2019, “It will be far smarter than the smartest human,” he asserted.

People such as Elon Musk predict that by the year 2030, robots will be able to exceed human intellects and be rapidly mastered without human intervention.

Technological experts, who view artificial intelligence as a potential threat, claim that these mathematical algorithms aren’t always made to kill or wage war, but rather to enhance the quality of life for people.

One of the supporters of this idea is Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon. He believes that Artificial intelligence is undergoing a tremendous revival, and is making headway in fields that at one time seemed to be the subject of science fiction.

To This Day, Robots Do Not Resemble Skynet

Artificial intelligence engineers have a duty to not only program an AI to learn and adapt, but also to aim to enhance the human quality of life.

Dream of an idealized version of the Mortal Kombat 11 video game’s ending setting. The Terminator acknowledges that in order to ensure a better future, in which machines and humans do not clash, they must create a community where machines and humans learn to coexist and collaborate.

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