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How You Can Get The New Venom Skin In Fortnite

by Teddy Barnes
fortnite venom skin

Incoming Fortnite Venom Skin! Season 4 continues to roll along, and with more Super Series Cups that allow players to win new skins, Epic celebrates the tail end of its Marvel partnership. And ah yes, Epic Games has revealed that Venom Fortnite skin is coming soon. The gooey symbiote-suited Spider-Man villain will keep you attached to the game.

Venom follows Black Widow and Ghost Rider to get their own skins. This should also be the last Super Series Cup on November 21, before the $1 million duo cup.

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How to Acquire the Venom Fortnite Skin (for Free)

To unlock Venom Fortnite skin before it reaches the item shop, you’ll have to place well in the upcoming Venom Cup. We have a guide to how well you need to position yourself, where you need to be there and a look at the new Venom skin below.

It looks like the symbiotic powers of Venom Fortnite skin will allow him to transform his arm into a giant blade that is ideal for mats to harvest.

When Is the Fortnite Venom Cup?

Epic had previously announced that on November 18, the final Super Series Cup would begin. So it’s fair to say that it’s when players will kick off their Venom Cup matches.

Note that Epic typically gives players about two hours to complete ten matches, so by the start time you’ll want to be ready and completely updated.

Laws for the Venom Cup Format and Fortnite Venom Skin

Any official information about the Venom Cup format has yet to be revealed by Epic. That said the Black Widow Cup was a tournament of duos and the Ghost Rider Cup was a tournament of trios, so it is fair to say that there would be some variation of that in the Venom Cup. Probably a full LTM squad?

Marvel Knockout LTMs were both the Black Widow Cup and Ghost Rider Cup, which is a riff on Season 2 Operation: Knockout LTM. Two teams use mirrored superhero skills to fight in Marvel Knockout (like the chest laser of Iron Man or the protective ball of wood of Groot). The winner is the team that gets the most disposals.

In order to win the Fortnite Venom skin, Epic will likely post an official rules page outlining how high a team must score. The rank you need has been different for each area in the past, so when that information is released, we’ll be sure to update this section.

Let’s rest simple, though. And if you fail to qualify, the skin of Venom will almost certainly hit the product store later on. The skin of the Black Widow goes for 1,500 V-bucks (or 2,200 for the bundle), so Venom may fairly be expected to cost a similar amount.

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