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VR Gadgets ‘Could Snowball’ in Work in 2021

by Isabella Collins
VR Gadgets

Having VR gadgets for corporate meetings may “snowball,” a business association said, as companies continue to combine home and office jobs.

“We’re going to see it taking off very soon,” said Joe Fitzsimons of the Institute of Directors to the BBC’s Wake Up To Money service.

He’s been researching how companies use technology to support home-based and office-based workers function together.

Companies are looking for solutions to the use of services such as Zoom.

“I believe there would be a ripple impact, and the gains would be so obvious that companies will come to grips with it and implement it as soon as they can,” Fitzsimons said.

Nausea To Zoom

During the pandemic video conferencing services, such as Zoom, there was a massive rise in use, with many working people compelled to work from residence.

Now, though, several businesses are looking for new forms for employees to stay in contact.

“I was weary of just doing these tasks about Zoom,” said Job Van Der Voort, Chief Executive Officer of Remote’s international payroll company.

“The manner we use virtual reality (VR) gadget is to recreate the experience that you can hang out together. You get a number of stuff for free once you have an office.

“You’re going to the workplace, you’re going to meet your friends, you should go over and have a chat with them. We’ve ruined it absolutely, not getting an office.”

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  • ‘Virtual Patient’ helps train physicians virtually.

Zoe Clark, Tyto’s PR partner, agrees. Just before Christmas, they authorized their staff with VR gadgets to bring back that feeling of belongingness.

“It can be great for meetings to get individuals together until you can’t be there physically,” she said.

“We wanted to mess around with virtual reality to see what it might do with our company at the middle point of the pandemic, so clearly there was a really strong effect on us being able to communicate in person, everyone was completely remote.

“And we were just searching around for something that could help our workers feel a little more linked and maybe try to add a little more fun, really, in a difficult year.”

Mr. Van Der Voort said, “You might think it’s strange, you’ve got an avatar, you’ve got a headset over your head, [but] you really get more of a sense of immersion than just staring at your desk looking at Zoom.”

How About a Virtual Reality Conference?

The space is wide and airy, packed with tiny cluster of people talking to each other. When you stay in the center of the room and turn around, you can hear various conversations. Now and again an explosion of laughter triggers everyone’s to turn around.

People are dressing in smart clothing, enjoying pizza and holding bottles. But none of this is true-not food, not alcohol, not people.

Instead, they’re all in their own house, spread around the globe and come together using VR gadget and the Rec Room software to talk and walk about.

They use VR to visit their friends and wear their cartoon icons as their own, selecting and personalizing their skin color, hair and outfits.

As they speak, their lips and their heads turn, they will wave with their palms and even sing. But even though it’s really distinct from a flat-screen conference, it’s also a fair way from meeting in an office or a function with real beers, real pizza and real people.

VR Gadgets Uprising

Though VR may function for socializing and speaking, it is not yet suitable for more structured meetings, said Van Der Voort.

“There are also certain drawbacks. You might bring up any slides, for example, but it’s a lot tougher to do than just hold a Zoom conference.

“And you can’t type quickly since your hands are in the VR gadgets. That really makes things a bit more difficult to hold really important meetings like that.

“We’ve had a few significant meetings in the VR, although most of them we use as a way to link with each other. And that’s how it performs well today-see let’s that in a couple of years.”

Tyto’s Ms. Clark said, “It’s certainly early days, I guess. We’re pretty straightforward on meeting protocol and how things function in a typical company setting-it’ll take a bit longer to have our VR meeting protocol down so that we have a fully practical experience.

“But inside your own departments, I think it certainly provides a feeling that you’re out of your ordinary flat-screen engagement.”

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