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Google Demonstrates Quantum Computing In This Simple Video

by Isabella Collins
Google Demonstrates Quantum Computing In This Simple Video

While we’ll have to wait to see what Google’s underground “X lab” has in store for the future, the firm does have at least one cutting-edge project it wants to show off right now. Google has embarked on a collaboration with NASA to use a 512-qubit D-Wave Two quantum machine to solve some of the world’s most difficult computing problems.

Google has also uploaded a brief video outlining what quantum computing is and how it hopes to utilize the technique to create new discoveries, as videos also help clarify abstract concepts.

Google’s collaboration with NASA, which was first revealed in May, would enable the two teams — as well as other colleges — to share the powerful machine, allowing them to do study in a variety of fields.

Traditional modern computation, which powers the machine you’re using right now, employs a binary method, which, at its most simple form, entails distinguishing between pieces of data in their 1 and 0 states.

Quantum computation varies from conventional digital computing in that it allows researchers to concurrently bring pieces of data into the 0 and 1 states, rather than cycling through equations in a linear manner like traditional digital computers do. Quantum computing’s future uses include improving our knowledge of environmental dynamics, theoretical mechanics, and even artificial intelligence.

This current computational dynamic not only allows scientists to determine a wide range of potential answers at the same time, but it also saves resources and speeds up the computation phase by many orders of magnitude.

Quantum computing, in particular, may aid Google in making strides in search, neural networking, and artificial intelligence. This advancements would eventually assist the organization in achieving its target of being able to predict what you desire before you ever ask for it.

Of course, for those of those already navigating the maze of classical computing, this very vague definition of quantum computing is already a little too soon. That’s why Google’s latest video is a welcome introduction to the topic, including a series of straightforward and enjoyable explanations.

Although the NASA collaboration offers thrilling possibilities for using the latest technologies, Google has been researching quantum computing for some time. Google announced its collaboration with quantum computing firm D-Wave in 2009, which was based on researching machine learning with quantum algorithms.

“Over the past three years, a team at Google has learned how problems like identifying an entity in a picture or learning to make an optimal judgment based on example data can be rendered amenable to solution through quantum algorithms,” Google’s Hartmut Neven wrote at the time. These algorithms aim to produce better-quality answers to optimization problems than traditional solvers.”

Even pioneers aren’t sure what they’ll discover in the next few years when quantum computing is already too new; this is what makes the project even more thrilling.

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