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Google Maps Is Bringing a New Feature (Alongside 5 New Android Features)

by Mark Chong
Google Maps Is Bringing A New Feature

Google recently released new Android updates for six different applications, all of which incorporate new features from TalkBack, their voice-activated, contextual help and assistance application. There are helpful new features included in the updates such as the ability to send texts at specific times in the Messages. Apps on the new Google Maps will get a true dark mode, not just when you’re using the navigation function. 

Also, there is a feature that will warn you when your passwords have been discovered and encourage you to change them.

It is important to note that these are not only a straight download of the app’s recent features, but also dynamic features that are continually being rolled out. The result is that you will not have immediate access to them. What’s the best piece of advice I can give you? Be sure to keep your device up to date with the Play Store.

Let me explain what the latest features are like this:

Password Checkup Is Also Available in All Android Applications

Image By Google

The latest Chrome or Android app version now makes it easier to autofill your passwords and usernames, helping you accomplish one of the best parts of creating unique passwords for each of your sites. In addition, Google has added a feature that verifies all of your login credentials to search for leaks or exposures. If your information is found, a prompt will appear telling you that you need to update your password.

The latest System Checkup tool is currently available on Android 9.0 or higher devices Go to the “Settings” on your phone and check if “autofill” is activated. Then, go to “Language and Input” and choose “Autofill” under the system category. If you aren’t sure which app to use, you can only check for Autofill in the Settings.  You could find it (in the Settings app) under ‘General Management’ in the Galaxy S series for example.

It is critical that you verify that Google is selected when you arrive at the Autofill section.

If you haven’t yet, try enabling Google’s Autofill. When you have been using it, continue to do so. The software detects when your information has been disclosed, so you don’t have to enable it unless you have reason to believe your data has been obtained illegally.

Google Maps Now Has a Dark Mode

Image By Google

For people who like dark mode in Android apps, you can keep an eye on the Google Play Store.

To make it a more immersive and pleasurable experience, Google is adding a true dark mode in the entire app.  In previous versions of Google Maps, only the dark mode was available when in the driving/navigation mode. Perhaps it was better than nothing, but it was not the perfect solution.

Go to Settings > Theme to allow Dark mode for the app at all times, and select Always in Dark theme.

Make a Text Message Appointment

Image By Google

The little alternative app could finally convince you to make the big switch to Google Messages as your default text messaging application. The good news is that the next update will include the option to set a time for a message to be received. Doing anything if you don’t want to disturb them when they’re in a different time zone, or you know they’re still doing something at work. Alternatively, you may cancel plans that you realize were foolish to begin with.

Even after you install the latest version of the Messages, you can start to compose messages just as you normally do, but hold the button instead to send. A menu will appear, asking when you’d like it delivered. It’s just as easy as that.

Talkback Is Becoming More User-Friendly

Image By Google

Google’s TalkBack accessibility feature is getting a major upgrade to help blind and low-vision Android users navigate and use their smartphones. New gestures, navigation options, spoken input, and menus are available.

 If you want to try it out for yourself, make sure to search the Play Store for software and service updates.

But Hold on, There’s More!

Image By Google

Google is now updating Android Auto and Google Assistant with new features. They’re small changes, but they’re worth mentioning.

Android Auto users will soon be able to customize the wallpapers that appear on their vehicle’s screen. During long road trips, Google is now adding voice-activated games for your passengers to enjoy. Jeopardy is one of the games listed by Google, and it is always a success. Finally, Google is adding shortcuts to the Android Auto launch screen that will make it simple to check the weather or quickly access contacts for messaging and phone calls.

When you use voice commands to communicate with Google Assistant when your computer is off and the system is locked, the digital assistant improves. The cards that display information have been made larger, according to Google, making it easier to read responses from across the room. Turn on Lock Screen Personal Results in your Google Assistant settings tab to ensure the feature works as intended.

Every quarter or so, Google publishes major feature updates like this. If you’d rather look ahead, we’d recommend trying out these new features to stay on top of the latest trends.

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