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What’s The Difference Between Google Play Store & Google Store?

by Araya Mika
Difference Between Google Play Store and Google Store

You’ve seen the names of two stores in the Google World: Despite their similar titles, the Google Play Store and the Google Store are somewhat different. There are several important roles that each one plays in the Google ecosystem.

What Is the Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store is simply known as “Google Play”. Even on Android phones and tablets, and Android TV and Google TV computers, it comes pre-installed. Using any web browser, users can access the Play Store from anywhere.

The primary aim of the Play Store is to allow Android users to search, download, and buy apps and games. Before Google expanded the “Android Market,” it was known as the “Android Apps & Games Market.”

When Google extended their Android Market to include music, e-books, and movies, they called it “Google Play.” When some of the content wasn’t strictly for Android, it was pointless to place it in the “Android Market.”

And what are all these stories about? The previous knowledge highlights the importance of apps and games for Play Store customers. Additional categories include “Movies & TV” and “Books.” Prior to the launch of YouTube Music, music was also included in the Play Store.

When you think of the Play Store, think of it as Google’s forum for something digital.

What Is the Google Store?

The Google Store is the company’s online market for physical goods, much as the Play Store is for digital content. The Pixel, Chromebooks, Chromecast, Nest, and some Google-partner devices are all included.

Until 2015, you could buy Google’s few physical items, such as Chromecast, in the “Devices” tab in the Play Store. The business moved the physical goods to the dedicated Google Shop, as it began to promote the use of its “Made by Google” devices. It is still possible to access the “Devices” tab on the Play Store website, but the connection now takes you to the Google Store.

There are numerous stores that sell Google goods, including Best Buy and Amazon. Though, in some instances, the Google Store has more selections and reductions. The Google Store is more likely to repair a faulty gadget than using Google Customer Service directly.

The Google Store can be considered to be similar to the Apple Store. The business that makes the goods for sale in the store is the owner. The majority of the items are manufactured by a third party, but some of the merchandise comes from the store owner.

The Google Store is distinct from the Apple Store in that it only operates online. There are no “real-world” physical Google Shops. There could be parts in retail places like Best Buy where you’ll find specialized Google sections, but that’s it.

Google does allow subscriptions for certain items in the Google Store, which is the one exception to the “physical products” rule. If you’d like to subscribe to services such as Google One, Stadia Pro, and YouTube Premium, you can do so by buying a subscription. There are physical product- and/or service-based subscriptions.

Final Thoughts

The primary distinction between the Google Play Store and the Google Store is very simple: the Google Play Store is just Google’s digital marketplace, while the Google Store contains all of Google’s offerings. The Google Store is built for physical items, while the Play Store is for digital content.

Google’s marketplace started out with the Android Market, then developed into the Play Store, and finally split into two independent marketplaces: the Google Store and the Google Play Store. One of the two key places to shop for items in the Google ecosystem is the Google Play Store.

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