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by Shakib Hasan Omi

Teddy is a seasoned technology writer from New York, USA with a background in video game development. He covers the worlds of technology and culture with a variety of publications and magazines. He uses Android on a daily basis and is currently glued to his Pixel 4a.

Ashraf began writing about technology when Symbian was the biggest thing on the market, and he is currently the editor of Technybaba. Currently living in Los Angeles, California he's normally seen with a book alongside a cup of coffee while he's not at work.

Sarah is a technology enthusiast from Sydney, Australia who is excited about creating how-to guides and instructions to help Android users all over the world get the best out of their smartphones.

Mika is a blogger from Tokyo, Japan who focuses on Android news and functionality on a part-time basis. She's always been interested in technology, especially mobile.

Mark Chong is a TechnyBaba writer and editor residing in Shanghai, China with experience in social networking strategy, Technology, and Application production. Mark Chong is pleased to accept tips to improve his writing skills on a regular basis.

Udai is a Senior Writer at TechnyBaba from India with a seven-year career in writing about tech and gadget. His pride lies in creating wonderful tech-related content that will reach people and help them to solve their problem.

Isabella Collins is a freelance software journalist engaged in mobile technology, entertainment, smart home devices, and VR/AR among several other topics. Has an MA in Film from the University of Southampton and has previously reported for Yahoo News UK. She currently resides in Leeds, UK, and is pursuing her dream to become a public tech speaker.

James Simons is a TechnyBaba news blogger living in Perth, Australia. When he's not busy, you might find him gaming, watching Formula One, or on the Thai boxing floor.

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