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Now Google SMS Allows You To Implement an Android Function

by Ashraf Chowdhury

Did you leave anyone out when you wished them a happy birthday last year? It’s now possible to set the text to be sent on a time schedule, so you won’t ever miss saying happy birthday to your mom’s birthday again. Ideas that you had one in the middle of the night, but didn’t want to disturb your colleagues if they were snoozing on the job? You can set a Google SMS reminder for the time and date you want to send it using the new scheduling tool.

Android messaging has recently received several new Google Play apps, one of which is the text message scheduler. a bunch of Google’s Android apps have recently been upgraded, including Google Maps, the Assistant, and TalkBack.

You’ll need to have the updated version of Google Hangouts installed on your phone before you can schedule a message. Make sure you do not use your phone’s default SMS app. If you aren’t familiar with your default messaging app, don’t be concerned — you’ll be presented with a message the first time you launch the application. Check Play Store for updates for the latest version of Google SMS in the app. 

To schedule a text message, pick a custom send time and edit the message if you want to change anything.

There Are Different Ways To Schedule With the Google SMS App

Google SMS

On the first use of the latest version of the app, you’ll see a small pop-up notification on the Send button letting you know you can set up conversations. You can use the “+” button to place a custom delay on an email’s dispatch, similar to how you can schedule a post in Gmail.

To schedule a text, press the Send button and hold down the key. Schedule your email before you finish composing your e-mail and you won’t accidentally send it.

After you long-press on the Send button, you will see dates and times automatically pop up for you. Select a date and time, or use the drop-down menu on the Calendar to choose one of those dates. That will let you pick and choose when your text will be sent in the Android clock and time picker. Expressing appreciation and wishing someone a happy birthday on the exact day of their birth are two very different things.

Once you’ve finished, tap the time, press the Save button.

When you’ve finished composing your message, you can send it. No matter what kind of content you’d like to be able to your messages, you can always set them up, you can also post pictures and videos.

Methods for Viewing, Editing or Erasing a Scheduled Text

google sms

Your message will be listed in the chat log as being scheduled. The message will appear in the log, but it will have a clock and a note that reads “Scheduled message” beneath it, showing when it will appear. Tapping on Scheduled Message will quickly hide the notification, as well.

Tap the clock to edit the message or schedule a delivery. There will be three menu options. It is updated, it is sent, or it is deleted.

If you choose “Fix Now,” you will be able to edit the text or select a different time. This message will be sent by the end of the day. When you delete a message, everything from the beginning to the end of the text is gone.

One advantage of setting a reminder is to be able to schedule messages as long as you need to, if you often forget when you have to send them.

Although it doesn’t have an iMessage-like feature set, Google Hangouts can be used as a powerful alternative to texting on Android. Also, Google has recently announced the development of Android 12, which will be released later this year. For the truly daring, you can download it right now.

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