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This Is Why Google’s Snapseed Is Such a Great Photo Editing App

by Araya Mika

The complexity and technology of our smartphones has entrusted the use of conventional cameras to a very limited percentage of consumers. It is predicted that more than 90% of the images captured in 2020 have been captured via a smartphone, and that number will likely continue to increase as technology improves.

The quality gap between traditional cameras and smartphones continues to narrow as sensors increase and optical zoom becomes an option-two of the key advantages that traditional cameras have always had.

Images taken by your smartphone can be greatly improved with applications that provide tools and functionality that are not available in your native camera app.

Take a Better Picture

No matter how good the picture editing app is, it’s as good as the shot you’ve taken.

If you just want the best image possible, it may be worth searching for alternate apps to take a photo in the first place. The ability to manually change ISO, particularly in low light situations, along with white balance and exposure settings, gives you a lot more control while shooting.

Android users can check out the free Open Camera app, and iPhone users can check out Camera + and Manual as great manual control options. : 

Snapseed: My Favorite Photo Edit App  

If you’re a pro or just immersed in the world of image editing, Snapseed-which has been around and evolving since 2011-is both strong and accessible.

With nearly 30 different tools to choose from, it provides a lot of ways to improve your photos by simply wiping your finger over the screen with each tool.

The Looks Section

If you are an Instagram regular, you know the filters they sell, which is essentially what the “Looks” segment has to offer. There are simple preset combinations that can easily enhance your images, but this is the least desirable way to edit images, in my opinion.

Tool for healing

This tool is the reason I started using Snapseed years ago, and it continues to be one of the most useful tools. Healing helps you to remove unwanted objects from the image, such as a phone line or a picture bomber.

Just select the tool and then use your finger to select the object you want to remove from the picture. It takes practice to get the best results, but I found it helpful to zoom in on the object you want to delete and slide your finger over it.

If you don’t like the initial results, just press the undo arrow and try another angle. Usually, with a few tries, I can get the object to be cleanly removed.

Details Matter 

One of the tools built into my Google Pixel smartphone that produces loads of feedback on my images is the “Pop” filter. Basically, it lets you pull out the details and sharpness that can make your pictures a lot more dramatic, and the Snapseed Details tool does something quite similar.

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